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30 May 2017

June Sale Notice


June Sales are now on at Aspley Homemaker City.  In the June catalogue on page 4, the wrong ad for Recline Furniture was published. We apologise for the inconvenience.


09 May 2017

3 things to think about before buying a rug

Choosing the perfect rug can be the cherry on top of your home – it can uplift the space and help define certain areas in the room.

But how do you know what size rug you should get? What colour should it be and how do you choose something that’s both child-friendly and stylish? Here’s how to get it right.

1. Size

Of course, the shape and size of your rug will depend on where it will be placed in your home. If you live in a small space, small rugs will make your place look cramped.

If your rug is going to be placed under a seated space, it should fit the entire seating area, so that when you sit on your sofa, your feet are on the rug, not the floor. If your rug is under a dining table, your chairs should be able to pull back and still be sitting on the rug.

Another thing to think about is the shape of your rug. Round rugs are a great contrast in square rooms and square and rectangular rugs are perfect for defining a certain space, like a dining room.

2. Colour

By all means, if you love colour, go forth. If you’ve chosen a fabulous rug, it can really take your home to the next level. If you do want a patterned rug with great colours, if you can, it’s easier to buy it first so you can coordinate your furniture around it. Freedom, Carpet Call and Decorug have great ranges of prints and patterns to choose from.

But realistically, you’ll get more wear out of your rug if you stick with neutral tones. Whether your home has a sophisticated coastal vibe this season or if it moves towards a boho feel later down the track, neutral shades are flexible for all styles and tastes.

And if you’re worried about neutrals being boring, don’t – there are some fabulous rugs out there with interesting weaves, textures and prints.

Whatever colour your rug is, be aware that a dark rug will make a space feel more intimate, so if you have a small apartment, it might be something you want to avoid. In comparison, a pale rug won’t look as heavy.

3. Texture

Think about where your rug will be placed in your home before choosing what materials you’d like. If you’ve got kids, you’ll need a rug that will go the distance, maybe something with synthetic fibre in it. Alternatively, a wool blend is another great option.

Don’t forget to Scotchguard your rug so those inevitable messes can be cleaned up easily.

If your rug is going to be placed somewhere there’s heavy foot traffic, again, consider choosing something more durable like natural fibres or wool blends. If you want something more luxurious, consider choosing a longer, plusher pile. Just check out Rugs a Million for some great options.


02 May 2017

Winner will be announced soon!

Stay tuned as the winner of the major Autumn refresh promotion will be announced next week.  Imagine what you could do with a $10,000 spending spree at Aspley Homemaker CIty - a new lounge, bed, outdoor setting - the list is endless! 

18 Apr 2017

Win over $20,000 for an Autumn Home Refresh


Imagine what you could do with a $10,000 Aspley Homemaker City Gift Card! A new lounge, bed, outdoor setting - the list is endless!


Simply shop at Aspley from 27 March until the end of April and every $100 you spend in-centre gets you an entry into the draw to win the $10,000
Aspley Homemaker City Gift Card! The more you spend, the more entries you receive!


*Terms and conditions apply. Promotion commences 9am 27 March 2017 and concludes 5pm 30 April 2017. Combined spends do not qualify for an entry. The total prize pool is valued at $20,215. View terms and conditions here.



12 Apr 2017

Easter at Aspley

Everyone at Aspley Homemaker City would like to wish you and your family a happy and safe holiday this Easter. Our centre trading hours this long weekend are:

Good Friday: CLOSED
Easter Saturday: 10am–5pm
Easter Sunday: Specialty stores may be open, please check with them to see if they’re open

Easter Monday: 10am–5pm

27 Feb 2017

A beginner's guide to using metallics in the home

It might be the beginning of a new season, but trust us - metallics are not going anywhere in 2017. They’re an easy way to add instant texture, glamour and interest to a home.

While you may worry that adding gold to your home may give it a heavy, old-fashioned look, there are lots of modern, metallic products in the market at the moment and gold, silver and copper are showing up in the most unexpected of places, from wire fruit baskets to drink trolleys.

A bit scared to try the trend? Here are some of our top tips for adding some shimmer to your space - without going over-the-top.

Start small

While an oversized gold mirror can be a glorious thing, kick things off with small, metallic accessories, like an antique silver tea set, a gold hanging planter, copper vase or a cushion, like this one from Rice Furniture. They’re easy to move around or change.

Experiment in the bathroom

It may be less intimidating to add some fabulous metallic accessories in your bathroom, plus the bright lighting will help them shine! 

Keep the palette neutral

Bold colours can look fabulous with metallics, but if you’re just starting out, work with a neutral palette and natural fibres for easy glamour. Copper works really well with dark colours and jewel tones while copper looks lovely combined with pastels and neutral colours. On the other hand, metallics really shine when back with a white-on-white palette.

Let there be light

Metallic lighting looks fabulous when it’s all lit up.  It looks like something straight from The Great Gatsby.

Decide on your finish

Depending on your style, you may like a different finish on your metallic items. Brightly polished, glossy metals will look more luxurious and glam, while a brushed or hammered finish will look more industrial and rustic. We love this side table from Freedom.

Mix and match

Want to take things up a notch? Don’t be afraid to mix silver, gold and copper together in the same space. Consider separating the items by height or spread them throughout a large room. For example, use a silver photo frame for some artwork on the wall, while placing a copper vase on your coffee table and rolling your gold drinks trolley nearby - they’d be in the same room, but not competing with each other.


31 Jan 2017

Interview with Interiors Addict Editor

From her passion for luscious velvet to stunning overseas hotel interiors, we had a chat with Jen Bishop from Interiors Addict about her favourite design trends, and her tips on how to babyproof your home - in the most stylish way possible. Profile photo: Photography by Melissa Histon

1. How would you describe your own personal interiors style?

As much as I'm always reading and writing about the latest trends, my own style is relatively classic. I do like a touch of luxury, so I have quite a few touches of gold throughout my home (sofa legs, gilt-edged coasters, lamps). I also love colour but stick to one palette, which for me, always includes navy and some kind of pink!

2. What are some of your favourite interiors trends at the moment?

I'm loving velvet and I have a deep inky blue velvet lounge at home.

3. Are there any trends that you're happy to see go?

I don't dislike copper and marble per se, but the mass market proliferation of homewares in these materials is starting to bore me! I'm also completely over monochrome nurseries and kids' rooms.

4. What are some of the biggest mistakes people often make when it comes to styling their home?

Not planning first or trying to replicate something out of a magazine. Make sure your home is a reflection of you; it'll make you happier!

5. How did your home change when your bub arrived and what tips would you offer other parents-to-be when it comes to styling the home?

My home didn't change as much as everyone told me it would and I stubbornly hung onto all my nice things until Sebastian was able to crawl and grab them! Coffee table displays have become a definite no-no and I have to be careful where I put candles! I have definitely become more minimalist but that's mainly because there's so much extra stuff that comes into your home when you have a child! I store Seb's toys in nice looking lidded baskets. I haven't really changed things that much other than make them safe. That velvet sofa is surprisingly forgiving. There's not much you can't get out with baby wipes! I'd advise other parents that storage is key to keeping your home looking half decent. There needs to be a place for everything to go back at the end of the day. I'm a big believer in packing away the toys (or getting them to do it themselves when older) so mum and dad can enjoy a clutter-free, calm environment every evening! Oh, to have space for a playroom! That is my dream!

6. What's your favourite room in your home and why? My bedroom. It's our grown-up, cosy sanctuary and pretty much the only place without kid's stuff in it. That said, it's not unusual to find the odd toy car on the bedside table…

7. What are some of your favourite spaces in the world and why?

Being a massive interiors addict, I love staying in hotels which are a bit different inside. The newly renovated Primus in Sydney is just gorgeous if you love Art Deco and I'm a big fan of the QT in Sydney too. Two of my favourite hotels overseas are The Hotel D'Angleterre in Geneva (the epitome of luxury boutique hotel) and Culloden House in Inverness (with its sweeping driveway, walled garden, four-poster beds and roaring fireplaces, it's historic and elegant, not to mention the bagpiper who plays before dinner).

19 Dec 2016

How to Set the perfect Christmas Table


Do you want to add some festive cheer to Christmas lunch or dinner at the table? Here are a few easy ways from the experts at Aspley Homemaker City on how to style your table this season.

  • 1. Start early. Head to Aspley Homemaker City for some inspiration. Freedom has a wonderful assortment of string lights, glamorous metallic cutlery and rustic wooden boards to cater for every taste. They also have a great range of little extras to get you and your guests in a festive mood such as FALALA tea towel sets and Bon Appetite apron. A table setting with festive flair sets the scene for sharing a meal. Add candles, fresh flowers and bon bons as final touches for a fresh, crisp setting.
  • 2. For a fresh and inexpensive way of dressing up the table is by bringing in natural foliage into the home - think eucalyptus, gumnut branches and wattle.
  • 3. Get the family involved in decorating the table. Not only does it mean you have extra help on hand, it lends a personal touch to your settings. For example, ask your kids to write the place settings or create homemade decorations and ask them to scatter decorations or arrange napkins.
  • 4. Lastly, you don’t need to come up with a fancy, complicated theme for your table, just a few key items will make it sparkle like Pillow Talk’s range of napkin rings and Christmas crackers. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that your family and loved ones are enjoying themselves - not whether or not your glasses and napery match.


25 Nov 2016

Outdoor Living is Now Open at Aspley


  • Outdoor Living is a family owned, Brisbane based, Retail business specialising in Weber Barbeques and Outdoor Furniture.
    They are a Weber Specialist Dealer, stocking the complete range of Weber Q, Weber Charcoal and Weber Gas BBQ's as well as a wide range of accessories.
    On offer is a wonderful selection of quality Kwila and Teak Timbers, Aluminium and Wicker Furniture at affordable prices with outstanding quality and service!


23 Nov 2016

Style your home with Recline Furniture


Is your home feeling a little dull, empty, or out-dated? With just a couple simple style techniques, you can completely transform the old into new. Give your living space a modern makeover that won’t date anytime soon.

Let’s start from the beginning: colour palettes. Finding a complementary, neutral balance of colours, textures and materials will set you up for style success. Think off-whites, greys, marble and stone, exposed timber, leather and black accents.

Step two is to select the feature piece of the room. It could be a fireplace, an ornate lighting fixture, or it could be your new sofa. In Australia, it can be hard to come by a gorgeous, well-maintained fireplace in the average home. So selecting a statement sofa for the room is the next best thing. At Recline Furniture you won’t be short for choice exploring our La-Z-Boy range. But if we can make a suggestion, a sofa like the plush Westminster 3 seater will have the Queen envious of your living room! Choosing light leather tones in either a white, beige, or light grey will give you plenty of design variety when it comes to complimentary furniture and accessories.

If you’ve been wanting to update your living space then now is the perfect time! At Recline Furniture they’re currently offering 24 months interest free*! Their friendly staff can assist you in finding the perfect furniture for you.



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