Retailer Comms: Spring Launch - Aspley Homemaker City

Retailer Comms: Spring Launch

Following on from our email to you about our Spring Campaign, we’re ready to launch next week (wc 2 Sept).

The campaign will include:

  • Catalogue: Spring Bedding catalogue
  • Bedding customer competition
  • Spring Carnival Event in centre on Saturday 21st September
  • Bus back Advertising
  • Spring Mid Season Sales support
  • Digital + social media support
  • In centre collateral

Below you’ll find everything you need to know and how you can get involved.



Welcome to the Spring Mid Season Sale catalogue.

Featuring our bedding retailers in the centre, this catalogue is packed with great customer offers and is a showcase of what our centre can offer.

This catalogue is being distributed to 113,000 households in the local area, particularly to these postcodes:

4034 – Aspley

4053 – Brookside Centre

4035 – Albany Creek

4500 – Bray Park

4017 – Bracken Ridge

4032 – Chermside

4055 – Bunya

4012 – Nundah

4014 – Banyo

4520 – Armstrong Creek

4031 – Gordon Park

4037 – Eatons Hill

4018 – Fitzgibbon

4051 – Alderley

4503 – Dakabin

4054 – Arana Hills


The distribution dates are 3rd + 4th September and it will be in market until the end of October.

You’ll also receive copies to your store.


Bedding Competition 

Customers who shop in centre can enter into the draw to win a $100 gift card, each week for 8 weeks. 

To enter, they simply purchase any product (no minimum spend) in any store, visit our website: and enter their details.

The draw dates and retailers are 3pm on the following dates:

  1. 9th September 2019 – Beds N Dreams
  2. 16th September 2019 – BedShed
  3. 23rd September 2019 – Bedding Furniture Outlet
  4. 30th September 2019 – Forty Winks
  5. 7th October 2019 – Recline Furniture
  6. 14th October 2019 – Sleeping Giant
  7. 21st October 2019 – Snooze
  8. 28th October 2019 – Freedom

We’ll promote this competition in the catalogue, on our social channels and on the website. Please help us share this competition out through your own social channels.


Spring Carnival – Saturday 21 September

We’re celebrating the season and throwing open the doors to celebrate!

On Saturday 21st September from 10am – 2pm we’ll be hosting a Spring Carnival onsite. We’ll host this in the carpark which will mean altered traffic flow and parking for a few hours, but we’ll be filling that space with fun family rides, activities and lots of people!

The rides will be all FREE and include:

(1) Mega Dodgem Cars

(2) Super Slide

(3) Cup & Saucer ride

(4) Caveman Capers inflatable Obstacle Course

(5) Whirlwind ride


The location of this event is marked in Orange on the map below:












Free icecream from Twisted Icecreams for the first 150 customers.

Free Gift Bags (until stocks last) for customers attending this event.








Spring Mid Season Sale Support 

Thank you to those that have shared your Spring Mid Season Sales with us.

If you have not yet done so, please email us the details. ([email protected]).

We’ll promote these specials on our website and to our customer VIP Club.


Bus Back Advertising 

To capitalise on our great centre location and to ensure we capture as much traffic as possible in our trade area, we are advertising this Spring Catalogue on the back of busses.

The details are:

  • Dates:  2nd September for 4 weeks
  • 10 metro bus backs operating out of the Virginia Depot and focusing on the north side and in our catchment area.
  • A map of the bus routes can be found here.





Digital Support 

With a new Digital Agency on board, our ‘Always On’ campaigns are now active.

We’ll also be filming and launching video content in the next fortnight, and will be sharing this across the Spring quarter.

This will bring more traffic to the centre – Stay tuned for more details…


In centre collateral 

Brian will be delivering to you shortly:

  • Copies of the Spring Catalogue for your POS
  • A Strut card for your POS to promote the competition
  • Spring Fair giveaway bags. Theses bags contain a Reno Survivial Kit and centre flyers. Feel free to include anything else you like in these giveaway bags. These will be delivered to your store to hand out to customers yourselves. Feel free to do this at the front of your store or at the POS.

You’ll also see the poster near the exit driveway updated and a temporary sign at the front of the centre to remind locals of the Spring Carnival event.



Get on board!

Please support our Spring Campaign. Be sure to let us know if you have any other ideas on working with you – we’d love to hear from you!


Jillian Christie and Karlene Orpin.
Centre Management
Aspley Homemaker City


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