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Winter proof your bed

This Winter make sure you and your family are comfy and cosy in bed all night long! Make use of these simple tips to keep you warm and snug all night long.


If you don’t feel like you’re sleeping on a warm cloud at night, it’s time to get a new mattress! You can find your perfect mattress at our Aspley Homemaker City stores Beds N Dreams, BedShed, Forty Winks and Sleeping Giant. Freedom is another store to check out as they also have mattress protectors.


Find the comfiest quilt so that you can have warm sleep this winter. Come down to Aspley Homemaker City to discover your favourite winter quilt from our wide range of stores including BedShed, Freedom and Pillow Talk.

Quilt Covers

It is essential to have a quilt cover that you are in love with for this winter. One that perfectly fits and suits your comfortable winter quilt and one that enhances the theme of your bedroom.

Sheets Pillow Cases

As the nights get colder, it may be time to look at getting warmer sheets to make bedtime more comfortable.


It is so important to find a pillow that works for you best, come down to our Pillow Talk store and find a lovely range of pillows. Our other stores BedShed, Forty Winks, Freedom and Sheridan Factory Outlet also have beautiful pillows that may be your perfect fit.


Pillow Talk have electric blankets that can warm you up on demand this winter! The store also has a selection of beautiful throws to add that extra layer and aesthetic to your winter bed. Our Sheridan Factory Outlet store also has a range of blankets if you would prefer to add an additional layer on your bed this winter.

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